7 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Sign Making Company

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When it comes to hiring a sign making company, nothing is clear cut. If you’re just now starting your business, you will need to consider asking a lot of pertinent questions before you agree to hiring anyone. Following are some of the most important and practical questions that experts recommend every business looking for new signs should ask.

  1. What Level of Experience Do They Have?

Experience is essential for a sign making company. You don’t want to hire a company that barely started, because they are likely to make a lot of mistakes, even unintentionally. This is an especially crucial point to consider if you just started out with your business and you need some genuine expert support and advice from your sign company.

  1. What Types of Signs Do They Offer?

There are a lot of different signs you can choose from, and the best company is the one that offers as many of them as possible. Directional signs, basic outdoor signs, dimensional letters, monument signs, pylon signs and LED lighted signs are all worth asking for, if you want to ensure that you get the best possible experience with the company you choose.

  1. Which Signs Do They Recommend for Your Business?

If they can craft them, they should be able to point you in the right direction for choosing signs that are actually relevant for your business. Make sure you ask questions about which signs the company recommends, then make notes and do some research to find out what other experts say as well. When the sign company you choose matches the advice that seasoned professionals have also provided you with, then you’ll know you’re on the right track.

  1. Should You Use Custom Signs?

Custom signs are very important for the success of any business. Whether you just need a basic outdoor sign or an elegant monument sign, custom graphics, fonts, 3D designs and carving practices should be things that the company can not only provide to a general extent, but that they have already mastered thoroughly.

  1. What Are Their Policies on Fonts and Graphics?

A good sign making company will be able to provide you with graphics and use computer-based software to come up with smooth designs based on your personal vision on your more elaborate signs. For example, a sign showcasing your logo and featuring some complex graphics you envisioned should be carefully crafted to not only follow your vision to a T, but also to stand out and attract customers as easily as possible.

  1. How Soon Can Your Customized Signs Be Ready?

Timing is critical for most businesses, and it is essential that your sign company understand that. You have to make sure that they actually value your time and that they don’t just say they’ll finish a project at a certain time and then delay it for weeks on end. It’s a good idea in this respect to do some research and check out reviews about the company as well.

  1. How Much Will It All Cost?

The best signage providers will be able to give you a pretty accurate quote, since they do it all the time. Of course, if you want to order custom signs, there will always be a certain degree of the unknown when it comes to the price of your order, but they should still be able to provide you with viable insight on the estimated price.

How Come Promotional Pens Are So Popular?

Whether you prefer to buy a lot of random pens and have them around the office just in case, or you’re very particular about the types of pens you get and where you get them, it’s always great to be provided with a free or discounted pen as part of a promotional campaign. Many companies do it just to improve their image, but others have more elaborate plans involving giveaways, ideas for boosting customer loyalty, or a focus on keeping employees happy in the long run.

Of course, not all giveaways are the same, and promotional pens won’t work for every business. But the idea behind using promotional pens as part of marketing campaigns is so popular that a lot of companies are using it worldwide with an impressive degree of success.

promotional pens

What’s So Special About a Pen?

Pens are considered to be one of the greatest promotional item you can use. They are often carried to meetings and crowded offices, they are easily spotted – along with any design they may have – and they can also be borrowed or given away by people.

Placing a company logo on a small item that has such an impressive traffic is a very good idea in most cases. Not only will it promote the image of your company to everyone who handles or even so much as looks at the pen, but it can also help to attract more customers to your business, boost sales and improve customer relations without too much effort.

Working Strategies That Use Promotional Pens

As mentioned earlier, not all strategies are the same. However, there are many that work quite well when it comes to using promotional pens. Most are based on business exposure, but others can also be based on the improvement of business partnerships, smoothing things over with unsatisfied employees, or giving gifts to loyal customers.

Brand recognition is the main one, and it involves strategies with businesses selling or giving away personalized pens that include the company logo and provide employees or customers with a unique tool that will remind them of your brand and company. If you choose good quality pens, the people using it will retain a fond emotional reaction to your company, which is what brand recognition is all about. They’ll remember your business positively, and the sentiment may influence their decisions and rhetoric, whether they walk into your store to buy something, or just talk to their friends and recommend it to them.

Another great strategy is the use of promotional pens as cheap, yet flashy “thank you” gifts. They can be for both customers and employees, and you can use them as a type of bonus that is affordable, yet says everything you want to say about the matter and about your company as well.

Finally, promotional pens are also great motivators. Everyone wants to look cool walking into an office carrying an impressive and unique looking pen. If that pen happens to have your company’s logo on it, then people will know that not only the person carrying the pen, but your company may also be much more appealing and capable than they may have first anticipated.

What You Need to Know About Building Sign Repairs and Maintenance

Building signs are types of business signs installed on the sides of buildings, on the interior walls or on the top of buildings. These traditional types of business signage have been used by many businesses for a very long time and are considered to be among the most efficient forms of business signage. However, these special signs being made from special materials and located in special places, they need to be installed and repaired by professionals – here are some things that you should know about building sign repairs.

The Most Common Types of Building Signs

Almost every part of a building’s envelope can be used for adding business signs, therefore building-mounted signs come in many types, from awning signs that extend from the building and are commonly used as a kind of branded shelter, parapet signs, roof signs, fascia signs and window signs. Giant posters and LED displays are also frequently used – these solutions need large wall surfaces to install. Each of these sign types are executed from specific materials and are installed by specialized teams, often using cranes or forklifts.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Out of the many types of building-mounted signs, the only ones that are not or only very rarely repaired are giant posters – if the large sheets of paper that make up these signs get damage, usually the entire poster is replaced. The other types of building signs are usually repaired by the same company that handled the installation – if the repair is possible without taking the sign off, the sign is fixed using cranes or forklifts; if the repair is not possible on site, the damaged sign is removed, taken to a facility where the repair can be performed, then installed back into its place after the repair is complete. If the sign that needs repair uses electricity, such as illuminated channel lettering or LED displays, the electricity might need to be interrupted in the building for the duration of the removal and the reinstallation of the damaged sign to avoid any accidents.  You can talk to a reputable sign company near me for more details on sign repair and maintenance issues.

Most building signs are made from sturdy and weather-resistant materials, therefore they need very little maintenance. They usually need to be cleaned regularly, but in most cases, the owner does not need to handle any very special or complicated tasks. An important thing to pay attention to, however, is the importance of quick reaction. You should call your signage repair specialists immediately when you notice a fault – most of these signs are large and heavy and they can cause serious harm if the fall from the wall or building component that they are installed on.

How to Reduce the Repair Needs of Your Building Signs

The best way to ensure that your signs will need repairs as rarely as imaginable is to use the best material for the purpose. When you have your signs designed and executed, talk to the company that handles the process to recommend you the material and the printing or creation procedure that is the most suitable for the weather conditions that your signs will be exposed.

Trends in Colorado Custom Sign Designs

Colorado Custom Sign Designs

The business sign that you use to establish your brand’s identity and to communicate with your customers is an essential tool for informing your audience about the existence of your brand and for attracting the members of that audience to use your products and services. The design of custom signs, like any other type of advertising tool, is governed by trends – here are some of the latest.

Clean, Industrial Designs

Just a couple of years ago, the dominant trend for the creation of custom signs was intricate shapes and delicate signs. The trend has been replaced by interest for industrial styles – the trendiest Denver signs right now are composed of clean shapes and are rugged. The signs that use such bold shapes are often made from rugged materials, such as metal or plastic – a feature that adds weather resistance and durability to the signs.

A Combination of Textures and Tactile Components

Adding Braille signs to your packaging has long been known as a way to increase accessibility, but the latest design trends take that one step further and use different textures to create more attractive signages. The trendiest signs today combine shiny and matte components, rough, textured parts with silky smooth elements for creating designs that are very pleasing to eye and intriguing.

The Return of Traditional Solutions

The most notable example of traditional solutions in a revisited form is the use of bracketry. The style of the frame can be created to match the style of the sign that is incorporated, therefore the frames hung above your shop’s entry door are suitable for surrounding business signage of any style.

Another good example of how classic elements are making a comeback is the trend to use bold, strong, but simple fonts, rather than seriffed, complicated lettering. The solution not only adds elegance to any signage design, but it also ensures easy readability, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the sign. The bolder and heavier the font, the more suitable for creating a focal point, but make sure not to use more than 7-8 words on one sign to prevent crowdedness.

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Minimalist Design Solutions for Websites and Digital Adds

The trendiest sign company Denver websites today feature clean, elegant styles. Your choice of graphic elements, fonts and colors should be informed by your industry – the website of a car repair shop can use more rugged shapes, darker colors and heavier fonts, while the website of a beauty salon should use softer colors and more subtle graphics, but simplicity is key, whatever your line of business. A minimalist website will also load faster and will be rewarded by search engines with better rankings for being clutter free.

Using Color Gradients

Gradients have been popular for a long time and they are a major trend this year, too. In 2020, gradients are used to add depth to the image, to accentuate the atmosphere, rather than for creating focal points, like in previous years. Adding gradients to recreate your long-used signage is a great way to attract the attention of customers and the change is also easy and affordable to implement.

How Expensive Are Custom Pop Up Tents?

If you are planning to participate at trade fairs and exhibitions to boost your sales and to advertise your business, the best solution is probably to use your own pop-up tent. The method is very efficient for building brand awareness, too – the customers who visit your tent will surely remember the logo of your company and they will connect that logo to the great products or excellent services that you provide. While ordering a custom pop-up tent is easy – there are many companies to turn to for tent design customized to your needs and requirements as well as for executing tent deigns –, the process will require you to make an investment, too. Custom pop-up tents can cost anything from $300 – $400 to several thousand dollars – here are the factors that influence the costs of custom pop-up tents.

The Style of the Tent

The number of components that make up your tent will considerably influence the price of your tent. The simplest form of pop-up tents is the canopy tent, a structure that consists only of a frame portion made from aluminum, steel or stainless steel and a canopy top usually made from polyester fabric. If you need a more complex tent, you can choose a walled unit – three walls installed on the frame is standard, but you can choose the number of your walls based on the shape of the canopy. You can also choose portable shelters, huts or inflatable shelters, too – each type comes for a different price.

The Size of the Tent

The smallest canopy tent size is 5 x 5 feet, but most tent manufacturers offer various other standard sizes, up to 20 x 20 feet and you can order custom sizes to fit into the space at your disposal at the fair or exhibition. The larger the tent, the higher the cost.

You also have the option to choose a modular tent design. Modular tents consist of several units, therefore they are more expensive than single-unit tents, but they can be freely combined to fit into the specific space available to you at specific events.

custom pop up tents

Colors and Other Design Requirements

You can choose a pop-up tent that is white or features some other color offered without having to pay for it, but custom pop-up tents are used by most companies as an advertising tool to raise awareness. If you decide to try to make the most of your custom tent design, you will need your logo and other corporate information to be printed on the tent top as well as on the walls – an aspect that will increase the price of your tent, too. There are various technologies available for printing on tent materials and they all imply different costs, influencing your overall costs differently, too.

The Accessories that You Use

You can grab furniture that you already own and use it in your tent, but if you want a stand customized with your logo, hanging decorations or feather signs to attract more attention, you need to be prepared for paying more for your unit.

The type and size of the bags in which you carry your tent components will also determine your overall costs.

How Much Should You Spend on a Drum Set?

If you are interested to buy a drum set, one of the first information you will try to find is how much money you have to take out of your pocket to pay for it.

A new drum set is expensive, but the price depends on a few factors.

The level of kit you need

If you are a beginner, you should think twice before purchasing an expensive drum set. You may not be able to stick to the required practicing routine and, in this case, you will end up losing interest, and your expensive drum kit will become useless. Learning drums is not easy and a new musician will have a long way to go that includes a strict practicing schedule and even practicing between lessons.

Beginner drum kits are more affordable and you can get them for as cheap as $200-250. On the other hand, a professional drum set can be five times more expensive, depending on its type, size, brand and added elements.

drum set

If you are buying a drum set for your child, opt for a junior drum kit. They are affordable and include the essential pieces. Junior drum kits may not have the richest sound, but they are good for practicing at home and get the basic skills.

As you improve your skills, you may want a better instrument to practice on, so you can opt for an intermediate drum kits. It typically contains five or six pieces; you may be required to purchase cymbals separately. The price for intermediate drum kits typically ranges between $700 and $1,500.

Obviously, if you are very passionate about this instrument, you will need a good quality drum set that will help you become a pro. Purchasing an advanced kit is the best solution in this case. It will cost you quite a lot of money but it represents the way to take your drumming very seriously. Professional kits are the most expensive (even up to $10,000) and, although they come in almost the same configuration as advanced kits, they are made from better materials, resistant to playing, travelling and movement.

Electronic drum sets

If you live in an apartment, it would be difficult to exercise your drums without disturbing your neighbors. Luckily, we have electronic drum sets now, with volume control, sensor technology, as well as authentic samples and kits to choose from.

Added components and accessories cost you money too

A drum kit is customizable and there are various options when it comes to added components. Spending more money upfront and get the components and accessories you need is better than purchasing them one at a time

Some of the most frequent expenses are for drumsticks and cymbals. However, the wear and tear also depends on your style of playing and, as a general advice, it is best to buy high quality gear the first time.

Once you reach a certain level, the quality of the instrument you play on will make a big difference. Invest wisely, and you will be rewarded with years of playing and gigging!

A Fun Night Out at Painting with a Twist – Wylie Opportunities for Budding Artists

When you’re planning on going to Painting with a Twist, Wylie residents who have been attending the painting events on a regular basis can tell you that they are great fun. You can unwind and forget about the day’s struggles, all while enjoying your favorite pastime of all – painting beautiful themed paintings that you’ll get recognition for no matter how good or bad they are.

There’s a place for everyone at Painting with a Twist events. All you need is to enjoy art, to know how to have fun with people, and to enjoy tasty beverages that will wet your appetite for added enjoyment.

The Painting with a Twist Experience

Are you looking to have a fun night out on the town? Tired of the noise and chaos you’d experience while going to some of the local clubs or having a night out drinking with friends? Now your most exciting and engaging nights can have a purpose and actually lead you to meet some interesting people for a change.

Whether you’re a party animal, or you’re having trouble fitting in, Painting with a Twist sessions will give you everything you need. The people here are helpful and friendly, so you can easily interact with them without feeling stressed; and with a large canvas in front of you, no one will bug you if you decide to just practice your acrylic painting skills.

At Painting with a Twist, Wylie locals, as well as visitors to the city, can become a part of a strong community whose sole purpose is to have fun, sip drinks and learn more about art. While the relaxed party atmosphere will surely be enough to captivate your attention, the artist in you will definitely love the themed painting nights and unique creative opportunities offered by these painting sessions.

How to Become a Better Artist

While attending Painting with a Twist events, you can feel free to explore your artistic talents to their full extent. Themed nights will ensure that every type of art is covered. Whether you prefer painting flowers, or your style is more abstract and sophisticated in nature, you will have the opportunity to show everyone – and yourself – what you can do.

On some evenings, you might not enjoy the specific type of painting you are being asked to draw. However, you can still try to do your best, and the great thing about these events is that there is no such thing as a “bad” painting. So even if the person beside you is a professional artist, you can relax and be assured that no one will judge your work.

On the other hand, in some cases you can take the opportunity to paint the theme at hand in your own original manner. Don’t be afraid to experiment, and certainly don’t hesitate to unleash your creative ideas to come up with something new.

Painting with a Twist Wylie studios are some of the very few places that will give you the opportunity to do that without feeling like you’re being put under a very awkward spotlight.

Colorado Video Production Companies

What Do Colorado Video Production Companies Do And How Do They Differ From Videographers?

Knowing the difference between a videographer and a video producer is important to make the most out of your money. This difference we are talking about is not always obvious, so we are trying to provide a correct source of information for everyone who is interested in knowing more and choosing wisely.

First of all, let’s try to define the two notions.

A videographer is someone who films various events and makes some basic editing before saving the final product into a specific format and delivers it to the customer who ordered it.

On the other hand, a video production company does much more than filming; it creates a professional video starting from an idea, by developing a script and by adding customized video, sound, animation and other graphic elements. As we’ve said earlier, it is not about filming, but about creative video making, from scratch.

So, what exactly does a video producer do?

It is enough to search the internet for websites of Colorado video production companies and you will notice that typically they have huge portfolios and experience in delivering various formats and styles for professional videos used for various purposes: information, advertising, entertainment etc. In corporate marketing, videos are used more than any other communication options, being suitable for both internal and external audiences.

We live in a time when the audio-video technique is affordable and thus many people tend to believe that making their own video is not that difficult … at least until they attempt to do it. That’s because, whereas filming is accessible and not that difficult, creating an impactful final result is very hard work, so professional producing should be given adequate priority and credit.

Colorado video production companies organize all of the stages of the process and are directly responsible for the success or failure of the final result. To help you better understand the job of video producers, here are some of the tasks they must deal with:

  • Planning the video production strategy
  • Calculating and managing the budget
  • Determining the required resources
  • Creating a schedule and assigning tasks to the team members
  • Communicating with customers (understanding their needs, their ideas, becoming familiar with the terminology of their business, offering advice and options for developing their ideas, keeping track of the task etc.)
  • Hiring and coordinating the members of the video production team
  • Overseeing every detail and every little modification of the project
  • Keeping confidential information secure
  • Inspiring creativity and discouraging routine


What skills does a person need to be a good video producer?

  • Organizational skills – so necessary in keeping a project running
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity and communication skills
  • Ability to make plans and coordinate teams
  • Good time management
  • Ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently


A video producer is required to own a degree in communication or film/broadcast production; an internship or a job in the business typically makes it easier to break into the field. Video producers are hired by video producing companies; they report to an editor, an executive producer or a production director.

The Services Provided by Professional Corporate Event DJ’s

Corporate event DJ’s are essential for the success of the events they play at – the entertainment you provide your crowd is just as important as the food served to your guests or the programs you organize for them. Whether it is a workshop, an industry conference or a team building session that ends with a party, your DJ will be responsible for setting the atmosphere and for making your event memorable – here are a few of the services provided by a Denver corporate event DJ.

Selecting the Right Music and Creating the Atmosphere

Every audience is different – a crowd of young managers will probably be intrigued to dance by modern tunes such as top 40 hits, while middle-aged directors will prefer more classic tunes. The DJ’s who specialize in corporate events will be able to create playlists to match the taste of your guests – all you need to do is to provide as much information about the age groups and status of your guests and your DJ will come up with the perfect mix from their extensive music libraries. Many DJ’s are willing to use playlists from their clients, provided the recordings are of the right quality and they will respect your requirements regarding songs not to play.

Professional DJ’s also know how to engage guests into dancing – they monitor the dance floor continuously and they invite guests to dance in a polite and fun manner, without being pushy and they can also control dance floor activity with the help of the music. Good DJ’s also know how to handle individual song requests and how to incorporate them into their playlists.

Providing the Equipment

Most DJ’s use their own sound equipment – they transport the equipment to the venue, they assemble the parts and perform sound checks to make sure everything is ready for the party. DJ’s have the right solutions for indoor and outdoor parties as well – the two types of venues require different mixing techniques and different audio settings, but professional DJ’s can handle both.

Many DJ’s also provide lighting services, so you can rely on them if you want color effects on the dance floor or laser lights. DJ’s are your go-to professionals if you want to include karaoke as well – many disc jockeys can provide that kind of equipment, too.

Event Coordination

Many corporate events are organized in multiple sections and it is a good idea to keep your guests as well as your caterers or photographers posted about what’s next. Experienced DJ’s can act as masters of the entire ceremony, helping you create an easy to follow and streamlined event.

With all these great services and features offered by professional DJ’s, you can be sure your event will be a resounding success and your guests will remember the excellent time they had at the venue. Just make sure you find a DJ that specializes in corporate events, then discuss every relevant detail of your event with the DJ to provide him or her with sufficient information about your guests and you will be able to just relax during the event and enjoy the great music along with your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Live Wedding Music

What are the factors that influence the type of music chosen for a wedding?

The music played during an event can make it or break it. If you opt for live music and want to make sure that it will be a success, you must consider various factors, such as the amplitude of your wedding, its style, its location, your guests, your personal preferences and, last but not least, your budget.  You can find all the above in Denver wedding musicians.

Where should I search for live wedding music?

Ask friends or co-workers who organized their own events recently, use the internet or contact entertainment agencies in your area.

Can I afford to hire a live musician or a band?

Live music is more expensive than hiring a DJ – this is why you must ask this question right from the start and gather all the information in order to determine if you can afford it. The price you pay depends on many factors: the notoriety of the musicians, the location of your event, the traveling distance for the musicians and their equipment, the number of hours they are required to play and entertain the guests, the season etc. If you choose to discuss directly with the musicians and not through an entertainment agency, you may be allowed to negotiate. Many bands are willing to customize their services in order to fit in most budgets and have clients permanently.

What if I cannot afford professional musicians and I go for amateurs?

I think we all attended an event that bored us with its music, at least once in our life. A wedding is not something that happens every day; it is a unique event that requires proper organization because bad choices will directly affect its atmosphere and this is something that cannot be undone.

Hiring amateurs instead of professional live musicians is an option only if you know for sure that those amateurs are great, otherwise, there is a good chance that they fail living up to your expectations. Professional live musicians are experienced in live events, they have the right equipment, they are flexible, able to play many genres, deliver adequate sound, create a great atmosphere, entertaining the public and making the reception unforgettable. They do all this for a living and this is why most of them will take things very seriously.

As for amateurs, they mostly play live wedding music for fun, as a hobby. Again, some of them may be very good indeed, but unless you know this for sure, you should not risk hiring them.

How long should I expect a live band to play at my wedding?

The length of the live performance is a detail that must be discussed before hiring the band and should be written down in the contract. The musicians should play for as long as they had agreed to play,  with intervals also mentioned in the contract.

Can I ask the band to play a specific song even if it is not in their repertory?

Most bands will agree to learn a song that you wish to use as a first dance or to mark the end of the night, but this detail is, of course, to be discussed.