Trends in Colorado Custom Sign Designs

Colorado Custom Sign Designs

The business sign that you use to establish your brand’s identity and to communicate with your customers is an essential tool for informing your audience about the existence of your brand and for attracting the members of that audience to use your products and services. The design of custom signs, like any other type of advertising tool, is governed by trends – here are some of the latest.

Clean, Industrial Designs

Just a couple of years ago, the dominant trend for the creation of custom signs was intricate shapes and delicate signs. The trend has been replaced by interest for industrial styles – the trendiest Denver signs right now are composed of clean shapes and are rugged. The signs that use such bold shapes are often made from rugged materials, such as metal or plastic – a feature that adds weather resistance and durability to the signs.

A Combination of Textures and Tactile Components

Adding Braille signs to your packaging has long been known as a way to increase accessibility, but the latest design trends take that one step further and use different textures to create more attractive signages. The trendiest signs today combine shiny and matte components, rough, textured parts with silky smooth elements for creating designs that are very pleasing to eye and intriguing.

The Return of Traditional Solutions

The most notable example of traditional solutions in a revisited form is the use of bracketry. The style of the frame can be created to match the style of the sign that is incorporated, therefore the frames hung above your shop’s entry door are suitable for surrounding business signage of any style.

Another good example of how classic elements are making a comeback is the trend to use bold, strong, but simple fonts, rather than seriffed, complicated lettering. The solution not only adds elegance to any signage design, but it also ensures easy readability, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the sign. The bolder and heavier the font, the more suitable for creating a focal point, but make sure not to use more than 7-8 words on one sign to prevent crowdedness.

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Minimalist Design Solutions for Websites and Digital Adds

The trendiest sign company Denver websites today feature clean, elegant styles. Your choice of graphic elements, fonts and colors should be informed by your industry – the website of a car repair shop can use more rugged shapes, darker colors and heavier fonts, while the website of a beauty salon should use softer colors and more subtle graphics, but simplicity is key, whatever your line of business. A minimalist website will also load faster and will be rewarded by search engines with better rankings for being clutter free.

Using Color Gradients

Gradients have been popular for a long time and they are a major trend this year, too. In 2020, gradients are used to add depth to the image, to accentuate the atmosphere, rather than for creating focal points, like in previous years. Adding gradients to recreate your long-used signage is a great way to attract the attention of customers and the change is also easy and affordable to implement.