What You Need to Know About Building Sign Repairs and Maintenance

Building signs are types of business signs installed on the sides of buildings, on the interior walls or on the top of buildings. These traditional types of business signage have been used by many businesses for a very long time and are considered to be among the most efficient forms of business signage. However, these special signs being made from special materials and located in special places, they need to be installed and repaired by professionals – here are some things that you should know about building sign repairs.

The Most Common Types of Building Signs

Almost every part of a building’s envelope can be used for adding business signs, therefore building-mounted signs come in many types, from awning signs that extend from the building and are commonly used as a kind of branded shelter, parapet signs, roof signs, fascia signs and window signs. Giant posters and LED displays are also frequently used – these solutions need large wall surfaces to install. Each of these sign types are executed from specific materials and are installed by specialized teams, often using cranes or forklifts.

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Repairs and Maintenance

Out of the many types of building-mounted signs, the only ones that are not or only very rarely repaired are giant posters – if the large sheets of paper that make up these signs get damage, usually the entire poster is replaced. The other types of building signs are usually repaired by the same company that handled the installation – if the repair is possible without taking the sign off, the sign is fixed using cranes or forklifts; if the repair is not possible on site, the damaged sign is removed, taken to a facility where the repair can be performed, then installed back into its place after the repair is complete. If the sign that needs repair uses electricity, such as illuminated channel lettering or LED displays, the electricity might need to be interrupted in the building for the duration of the removal and the reinstallation of the damaged sign to avoid any accidents.  You can talk to a reputable sign company near me for more details on sign repair and maintenance issues.

Most building signs are made from sturdy and weather-resistant materials, therefore they need very little maintenance. They usually need to be cleaned regularly, but in most cases, the owner does not need to handle any very special or complicated tasks. An important thing to pay attention to, however, is the importance of quick reaction. You should call your signage repair specialists immediately when you notice a fault – most of these signs are large and heavy and they can cause serious harm if the fall from the wall or building component that they are installed on.

How to Reduce the Repair Needs of Your Building Signs

The best way to ensure that your signs will need repairs as rarely as imaginable is to use the best material for the purpose. When you have your signs designed and executed, talk to the company that handles the process to recommend you the material and the printing or creation procedure that is the most suitable for the weather conditions that your signs will be exposed.