How Come Promotional Pens Are So Popular?

Whether you prefer to buy a lot of random pens and have them around the office just in case, or you’re very particular about the types of pens you get and where you get them, it’s always great to be provided with a free or discounted pen as part of a promotional campaign. Many companies do it just to improve their image, but others have more elaborate plans involving giveaways, ideas for boosting customer loyalty, or a focus on keeping employees happy in the long run.

Of course, not all giveaways are the same, and promotional pens won’t work for every business. But the idea behind using promotional pens as part of marketing campaigns is so popular that a lot of companies are using it worldwide with an impressive degree of success.

promotional pens

What’s So Special About a Pen?

Pens are considered to be one of the greatest promotional item you can use. They are often carried to meetings and crowded offices, they are easily spotted – along with any design they may have – and they can also be borrowed or given away by people.

Placing a company logo on a small item that has such an impressive traffic is a very good idea in most cases. Not only will it promote the image of your company to everyone who handles or even so much as looks at the pen, but it can also help to attract more customers to your business, boost sales and improve customer relations without too much effort.

Working Strategies That Use Promotional Pens

As mentioned earlier, not all strategies are the same. However, there are many that work quite well when it comes to using promotional pens. Most are based on business exposure, but others can also be based on the improvement of business partnerships, smoothing things over with unsatisfied employees, or giving gifts to loyal customers.

Brand recognition is the main one, and it involves strategies with businesses selling or giving away personalized pens that include the company logo and provide employees or customers with a unique tool that will remind them of your brand and company. If you choose good quality pens, the people using it will retain a fond emotional reaction to your company, which is what brand recognition is all about. They’ll remember your business positively, and the sentiment may influence their decisions and rhetoric, whether they walk into your store to buy something, or just talk to their friends and recommend it to them.

Another great strategy is the use of promotional pens as cheap, yet flashy “thank you” gifts. They can be for both customers and employees, and you can use them as a type of bonus that is affordable, yet says everything you want to say about the matter and about your company as well.

Finally, promotional pens are also great motivators. Everyone wants to look cool walking into an office carrying an impressive and unique looking pen. If that pen happens to have your company’s logo on it, then people will know that not only the person carrying the pen, but your company may also be much more appealing and capable than they may have first anticipated.