Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring Live Wedding Music

What are the factors that influence the type of music chosen for a wedding?

The music played during an event can make it or break it. If you opt for live music and want to make sure that it will be a success, you must consider various factors, such as the amplitude of your wedding, its style, its location, your guests, your personal preferences and, last but not least, your budget.  You can find all the above in Denver wedding musicians.

Where should I search for live wedding music?

Ask friends or co-workers who organized their own events recently, use the internet or contact entertainment agencies in your area.

Can I afford to hire a live musician or a band?

Live music is more expensive than hiring a DJ – this is why you must ask this question right from the start and gather all the information in order to determine if you can afford it. The price you pay depends on many factors: the notoriety of the musicians, the location of your event, the traveling distance for the musicians and their equipment, the number of hours they are required to play and entertain the guests, the season etc. If you choose to discuss directly with the musicians and not through an entertainment agency, you may be allowed to negotiate. Many bands are willing to customize their services in order to fit in most budgets and have clients permanently.

What if I cannot afford professional musicians and I go for amateurs?

I think we all attended an event that bored us with its music, at least once in our life. A wedding is not something that happens every day; it is a unique event that requires proper organization because bad choices will directly affect its atmosphere and this is something that cannot be undone.

Hiring amateurs instead of professional live musicians is an option only if you know for sure that those amateurs are great, otherwise, there is a good chance that they fail living up to your expectations. Professional live musicians are experienced in live events, they have the right equipment, they are flexible, able to play many genres, deliver adequate sound, create a great atmosphere, entertaining the public and making the reception unforgettable. They do all this for a living and this is why most of them will take things very seriously.

As for amateurs, they mostly play live wedding music for fun, as a hobby. Again, some of them may be very good indeed, but unless you know this for sure, you should not risk hiring them.

How long should I expect a live band to play at my wedding?

The length of the live performance is a detail that must be discussed before hiring the band and should be written down in the contract. The musicians should play for as long as they had agreed to play,  with intervals also mentioned in the contract.

Can I ask the band to play a specific song even if it is not in their repertory?

Most bands will agree to learn a song that you wish to use as a first dance or to mark the end of the night, but this detail is, of course, to be discussed.