Colorado Video Production Companies

What Do Colorado Video Production Companies Do And How Do They Differ From Videographers?

Knowing the difference between a videographer and a video producer is important to make the most out of your money. This difference we are talking about is not always obvious, so we are trying to provide a correct source of information for everyone who is interested in knowing more and choosing wisely.

First of all, let’s try to define the two notions.

A videographer is someone who films various events and makes some basic editing before saving the final product into a specific format and delivers it to the customer who ordered it.

On the other hand, a video production company does much more than filming; it creates a professional video starting from an idea, by developing a script and by adding customized video, sound, animation and other graphic elements. As we’ve said earlier, it is not about filming, but about creative video making, from scratch.

So, what exactly does a video producer do?

It is enough to search the internet for websites of Colorado video production companies and you will notice that typically they have huge portfolios and experience in delivering various formats and styles for professional videos used for various purposes: information, advertising, entertainment etc. In corporate marketing, videos are used more than any other communication options, being suitable for both internal and external audiences.

We live in a time when the audio-video technique is affordable and thus many people tend to believe that making their own video is not that difficult … at least until they attempt to do it. That’s because, whereas filming is accessible and not that difficult, creating an impactful final result is very hard work, so professional producing should be given adequate priority and credit.

Colorado video production companies organize all of the stages of the process and are directly responsible for the success or failure of the final result. To help you better understand the job of video producers, here are some of the tasks they must deal with:

  • Planning the video production strategy
  • Calculating and managing the budget
  • Determining the required resources
  • Creating a schedule and assigning tasks to the team members
  • Communicating with customers (understanding their needs, their ideas, becoming familiar with the terminology of their business, offering advice and options for developing their ideas, keeping track of the task etc.)
  • Hiring and coordinating the members of the video production team
  • Overseeing every detail and every little modification of the project
  • Keeping confidential information secure
  • Inspiring creativity and discouraging routine


What skills does a person need to be a good video producer?

  • Organizational skills – so necessary in keeping a project running
  • Flexibility
  • Creativity and communication skills
  • Ability to make plans and coordinate teams
  • Good time management
  • Ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently


A video producer is required to own a degree in communication or film/broadcast production; an internship or a job in the business typically makes it easier to break into the field. Video producers are hired by video producing companies; they report to an editor, an executive producer or a production director.